Types of Washing Machine Drum/Tub | Which Drum Type is Better ?

The most important part of a washing machine is its drum. 

There are several types of drums.  

Each washing machine brands have their unique technology in the design of the drum. 

They ensure that the clothes are cleaned thoroughly without getting damaged.

Washing Machine Drum Types

So let's see the different types of washing machine drums. 


Vario Drum - Bosch

Vario Drum

Bosch is a German brand that uses the slogan "Gentle with your clothes, firm with the stains." So they design their washing machine drum by keeping it in mind.

This drum is uniquely designed to protect the clothes and delicate fabrics from any type of damage.

The drum rotates in one direction. The flat side of the paddle gently cleans the delicate fabrics and when it spins in the opposite direction. The steep side of the paddle ensures a deep clean.

In this way, it both protects and cleans your clothes. So you can undoubtedly put on your branded and expensive clothes without the fear of getting damaged.

Here is a video that shows the working of Vario Drum.

Crescent Moon Drum - IFB

Crescent Moon Drum

The IFB Washing Machines features Crescent Moon Drum. 

The drum has smooth crescent moon-shaped grooves lines on its surface. 

This Crescent Moon Drum Technology creates a gentle water cushion during the wash cycle. It reduces the friction and the rubbing of the fabrics.

Thus it causes no damage to your delicate clothes.

Diamond Drum - Samsung

Diamond Drum

Diamond Drum has 25% smaller holes located deep within each diamond-shaped depression. 

It prevents the fabric from sticking out and being damaged. It improves the washing machine quality and ensures sparkling and fresh clothes. 

This unique design of the drum uses the water more efficiently. 

Moreover, it provides gentler spin for washing. Thus it allows tangle-free wash and is also suitable for a wide variety of clothes.

Turbo Drum - LG

Turbo Drum

LG Washing Machines comes with special Turbo Drum Technology. 

In this, the drum and Pulsator rotate in opposite directions. There is 4 pulsator that provides power water streams and ensures even washing. 

As a result, it improves the washing quality and also prevents the tangling of the clothes.

Acu Wash Drum - Godrej

Acu Wash Drum

This specially designed stainless steel drum is found only in Godrej Washing Machine. 

The drum has big and small evenly shaped contours. 

It provides gentle scrubbing of the clothes and eliminates stubborn stains.

Crystal Clad Drum - Media

Crystal Clad Drum

This drum is uniquely designed with a crystal surface and holes. 

It generates a flush and effective flow of water that quickly dissolves the stains and ensures that the fabric is not harmed. 

Moreover, there is an S-shaped lifting rib that removes the toughest stains. 

The sparkling holes generate strong and gentle flow with constant change in the washing machine speed.

Oceanus Wave Drum - Haier

Oceanus Wave Drum

This innovative Oceanus Wave Drum Technology is launched by Haier. 

It is present only in Haier's top load fully automatic washing machine.

It is a cubical-shaped stainless steel drum that provides stronger water flow. 

It gently cleans and effectively washes the dirty laundry without any abrasion.


These are the washing machine drums that are used in different types of washing machines from different washing machine brands.

All the drums work well and are designed to protect the soft fabrics from any damages. 

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