Instant Geyser VS Storage Geyser - Which is Best in 2024

If you are planning to buy a geyser for this winter. Then, you might have heard of two types of geysers Instant and Storage. 

But you might be wondering which geyser is best instant or storage? 

Well, you don't have to worry because this article on Instant Geysers VS Storage Geysers will clear all your doubts.

Both these geysers are in high demand but their specifications and usage are different. 

So you should choose one according to your needs.  

Instant Geyser VS Storage Geyser

Contents :

Comparison Table - Instant Geyser VS Storage Geyser

Comparison Factor Winner
Space Requirement Instant Geyser
Pricing Instant Geyser
Convenience Storage Geyser
Cost of Running Draw
Heating Time Instant Geyser
Power Consumption Draw
Life Span Instant Geyser
Maintenance Storage Geyser
Advanced Features Storage Geyser

What is Instant Geyser

From the name, it is very clear that it is a geyser that provides instant hot water.

These are the perfect solution for heating water instantly. If you want hot water just switch on the geyser and after use switch it off the geyser. 

There is no chance of wastage of energy because no additional water is heated.

How Instant Geysers Work

Instant geysers have a simple working mechanism. They convert electrical energy into heat energy. 

There is a powerful heating element of 3000 watts or 4500 watts that heats the water instantly.

The water flows over the heating element and gets heated in the same way the immersion rod dipped in the water bucket.

But the instant geysers are much safer than the immersion rod because the body is insulated and shockproof.

Advantages of Using Instant Geyser

👍 Saves Time - The instant geyser provides hot water instantly. If you don't like to wait or have a very busy schedule at school college or office. Then the instant geyser will be a perfect choice for you. 

👍 Energy Efficient - Instant geyser uses a powerful heating element.  But they consume limited electricity. Because they don't waste energy in heating extra water, unlike storage geysers. They consume less or equal amounts of electricity as compared to storage geysers. 

👍 Affordable Price - The instant geysers are available at a genuine price range. You can easily get one between Rs 2000 to 4000. So you don't have to spend much on buying one for yourself. 

👍 Space Saving - The size of the instant geyser is small and compatible. So it can easily be installed in your bathroom or your kitchen. 

👍 Longer Lifespan - As there is a small storage tank in the instant geyser. The chances of damages decreases. As a result, they last longer than storage geysers. 

👍 Super Safe - The instant geyser has an automatic thermostat that cuts off the power supply if the temperature is too high. Moreover, the outer body is made up of thermoplastic that provides complete protection against shock. 

👍 Eco Friendly - Unlike gas geysers they use electricity for heating the water. So they don't release any harmful gas into the environment. 

Disadvantages of Instant Geyser

👎 No Storage - The instant geysers have storage of 1 L or 3 L which is not suitable for storing hot water. So if you want to take bath or shower then this geyser is not suitable for you.

👎 Limited Usage - They only have one outlet available that is connected to the tap. So if you want hot water at multiple points then it fails to fulfill your needs. 

👎 High Maintenance - Another drawback of an instant geyser is that they are not suitable for hard water. It may damage the tank and the pipes can be blocked. As a result efficiency of the geyser decreases drastically. So it requires regular maintenance for smooth operation.

Who Should Buy an Instant Water Heater

If you want a geyser for handwashing or dishwashing then an instant geyser would be a great choice for you. 

However, it wouldn't be suitable for taking showers. It is suitable for minimum usage.

What is Storage Geyser

These are the traditional geysers that heat the water and store it for further usage. 

It is the best option for those who love to have hot showers in winter. 

If you have a large family or you use hot water frequently then storage geysers are the best option for you. 

These are also available in different sizes from 10 L to 30 L. So it is suitable for all types of families. 

How Storage Geyser Works

The working principle of a storage geyser is the same as an instant geyser. 

It also converts electric energy into heat energy. But the difference lies in the storage. 

The Storage Geysers have enough space capacity for storing the hot water. 

Moreover, there is a thermostat that lets you increase or decrease the temperature of the water inside the tank of the geyser. 

Advantages of Storage Geyser

👍 More Convenient - You will get continuous hot water so you don't have to wait in between your bath.

👍 More Durable - The storage geyser comes with a durable thermoplastic coating that makes it rustproof and corrosion-proof and increases the lifespan of the geyser. 

👍 Available in Different Sizes - Another benefit of storage geysers is that these are available in various capacities from 10 L to 30 L. So you can choose the best fit for yourself. 

👍 Traditional Design - The storage water heater is very common and is known by most people. It has a simple design and comes with common parts. As a result, the maintenance and repair cost of this geyser is very easy and cheap.

👍 Extra Safety - These water heaters have foolproof protection against high temperature, overpressure, rust, corrosion, and electric shock. Thus, making it super safe for usage. 

👍 Suitable for Multiple Usage - A storage water heater can be used for different taps and pipes. You can use a single geyser for multiple sinks, showers, and washbasins. Thus making it highly affordable and easy to use.

Disadvantages of Storage Geyser

👎 High Price - The price of the storage geyser is quite high. It also depends on the capacity the more the capacity the more will be the price.

👎 Time Taking - You have to wait about 10 to 15 minutes for hot water.

👎 Requires Large Space - The storage geyser is bigger in size so they require dedicated space for installation. 

Who Should Buy a Storage Geyser/Water Heater

If you have a large family or want a geyser for bathing purposes then storage geysers are the right choice. 

The storage tanks can store enough water for the bathing of 2 - 3 people at a time.

FAQ - Storage Geyser VS Instant Geyser

Q.1. Which is the best geyser instant or storage?

If you want a geyser for kitchen usage or for handwashing then an instant water heater is a good option. But if you want a geyser for bathing purposes then go for storage geysers. 

Q.2. Which type of geyser is best for the bathroom?

Storage Geysers are best for the bathroom. The large capacity of these geysers is suitable for long hot showers. 

Q.3. Can we use an instant geyser for bathing?

No, mostly the instant geysers are used for washing utensils or hand washing. But if you are a bachelor then you can go for an instant geyser of 6 L for bathing purposes.

Q.4. Which instant water heater is best?

Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser is a great product for those who want an easy way to clean up. The 3-liter capacity is great for the kitchen. The water is heated quickly within a few seconds. The geyser also has a safety valve that prevents water from spilling.

Q.5. Which is the best storage geyser in India?

AO Smith 15 L Storage Geyser (SDS-GREEN) is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an efficient and reliable water heater. This unit is capable of heating up to 15 liters of water per hour, making it perfect for both residential and commercial purposes. Additionally, this water heater is also equipped with a timer function that allows you to set a specific time for it to turn off, so you can avoid any potential power outages.

Conclusion - Which Geyser is Best Instant or Storage

I hope this post on Instant Geyser VS Storage Geyser was helpful for you. 

Well, the choice totally depends on your requirements and your family size. So you can choose one accordingly. 

So, if you like this post then share it with your friends and family. Because sharing is caring. 

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