What is 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology in LG Washing Machines - Everything You Need To Know

LG puts a lot of time and money into developing new and innovative technologies. Since 2011 there have been a lot of changes in the 6 Motion DD Technology.

LG knows very well that different types of clothes require different types of washing. So after years of continuous improvement, they came up with the 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology. 

It is the perfect solution for washing all types of laundry.

LG 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology

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6 Motion Direct Drive Technology - Introduction

This 6 Motion DD Technology is present only in LG washing machines with Direct Drive Motor Technology. 

In Direct Drive Technology the motor is directly attached to the drum without any belt or pulley.  This improves the washing efficiency and reduces the noise and vibration.

The 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology moves the drum in 6 different ways for washing different types of clothes/fabrics.

It ensures to remove the dirt and stains perfectly without damaging the soft fabrics.

Working of 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology 

The 6 motion direct drive technology is a combination of different types of motions.

All these have specific speed, rotation, and motion. The washing machine decides the wash motion according to the type of laundry. 

Let's see different types of wash motions:

  • Tumble
  • Scrub
  • Rolling
  • Swing
  • Filtration
  • Steeping

6 Motion DD Technology

1. Tumble - It is the standard turning motion of the washing machine. It is effective for heavy fabrics such as denim. 

2. Scrub - It is an intensive wash combination of scrub motion and water wave lifters. It creates a figure 8 shaped motion. It thoroughly removes the toughest stains without even damaging the soft fabrics. 

3. Rolling - It is a silent wash motion. In this, the laundry is rolled below the water level. It creates friction with the inner drum and gently cleans out all the dirt and stains. 

4. Swing - This motion washes the laundry below the water line from side to side with soft swing movements. It is specially designed for delicate fabrics like wool.

5. Filtration - It is a combo movement of spin and sprays from the shower. This soaks the laundry faster and more evenly. It is a perfect solution for dense fabrics such as duvets and other synthetic clothes. 

6. Stepping - In this the clothes are rotated in an anticlockwise direction and stopped in the midway throwing the clothes down. It minimizes creases on your clothes. It is a great solution for your shirts and other light fabrics.

For a better understanding of these movements. You can watch this animated video. 

Final Words 

This combination of different types of drum movements provides effective washing without any compromise on dirt and stains. 

It uses all 6 motions according to the types of clothes that are inside the drum.

It not only improves the washing performance but also makes the clothes last longer.

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