What is Inverter Technology in Washing Machine - Everything You Need To know

If you are thinking of buying a washing machine. Then you might have heard of inverter washing machines. 

But the question is 'What is Inverter Washing Machine?' and 'How is it different from normal washing machines?'

Well, don't worry I am here to clear all your doubts. 

I assure you after reading this post you will get a complete understanding.   

So Let's Start. 

Inverter Washing Machine

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Whenever there is a term inverter connected with an appliance. It means that the appliance is highly energy efficient.  

However, some people might have the misconception that it can work on a home inverter. 

But the reality is, it does not. 

An Inverter Washing Machine is equipped with smart sensors that detect the load inside the washing machine and adjust the speed of the motor accordingly. 

It results in optimum energy consumption and higher power saving. 

Inverter VS Non-Inverter Washing Machine

The main difference between an Inverter and a Convection Washing Machine is the working principle.

A Normal Washing Machine motor runs at the same speed irrespective of the laundry load inside the drum. 

It does not matter whether you have less laundry or more. It will work at the same speed. Thus, it will consume more electricity.

Whereas an Inverter Washing Machine adjusts the speed of the motor according to the load present inside the washing machine. 

It means the washing machine can run at variable speeds depending on the load. 


Inverter Washing Machine Technologies

There are several advanced technologies used in machines with Inverter Technology like Brushless DC Motor (BLDC Motor)Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), and Direct Drive Technology. 

These innovative technologies are responsible for making the washing machine energy efficient. 

Let's discuss each of these in detail.


Brushless DC Motor 

Brushless DC Motor

It is the most durable washing machine motor. These motors lack carbon brushes. 

It means there would be no friction. 

As a result, these motors provide high efficiency and excellent controllability. Moreover, they have power-saving advantages. 

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) 

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

 It is a type of motor controller that operates the electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage of its power supply. 

In simple words, you can say that it controls the speed of the motor and provides the desired speed and power required by the motor according to the load capacity. 

Also, it reduces the mechanical stress on the washing machine motor and extends the life span of the motor. 

Direct Drive Technology 

Direct Drive Technology

In Direct Drive Technology the washing machine drum is directly attached to the motor. As there is no use of a belt or a pulley in rotating the drum there would be no loss of energy in the form of friction.

As a result the efficiency of the washing machine increases and the power consumption decreases.

Moreover, it produces very little noise and makes the washing machine super silent. And there would be fewer chances of wearing and tearing.

So if you are planning to keep the washing machine in your living room in your bedroom then the machines with Direct Drive Technology would be really helpful for you.

For a better understanding of the working of Direct Drive Technology. 

Have a look at this video. 

Advantages of Inverter Washing Machine

  • These are highly energy-efficient and can save up to 20-25% more electricity than a convection washing machine.
  • These machines are designed in such a way that they produce very little noise and vibration.
  • They are more durable and long-lasting. 
  • It requires very little maintenance.


Disadvantages of Inverter Washing Machine 

  • The only disadvantage of the washing machine is the price. These are slightly costlier than normal washing machines.

Top Brands with Inverter Technology 

Many Top Brands like LG, Samsung, and Bosch have Inverter Washing Machine models. 

Well, LG calls it Smart Inverter Washing Machine.

Samsung uses the term Digital Inverter Washing Machine

Whereas Bosch and IFB simply denote it as Inverter Washing Machine.   

These names might be slightly different but the work is the same. 

These are the Top Brands that manufacture the best washing machines equipped with inverter technology that offer high-class, better energy-saving, and long-lasting performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What is the difference between an inverter and a non-inverter washing machine?

An Inverter washing machine detects the load inside the drum and adjusts the speed of the motor for optimum performance and high energy saving. 

Whereas, a normal washing machine runs at the same speed despite the load in the drum. As a result, it consumes more power and adds up to your monthly electricity bills.   

Q.2. Are inverter washing machines good?

Yes, Inverter washing machines are the most reliable washing machines in the market. These are highly energy-efficient, produce low noise and vibration, require less maintenance, and come with a long warranty period.

Q.3. Does the inverter washing machine really save electricity?

Of course, these washing machines are equipped with advanced technologies like Direct Drive Technology, VFD, and BLDC Motor. All these increase efficiency and reduce the power consumption of the washing machine. Washing machines with Inverter Technology can save up to 20-30% more electricity than normal washing machines.

Q.4. What is the price of an inverter machine?

Due to advanced technologies and better performance. Inverter washing machines are priced high. So, you have to invest a little more. It falls in the range of 30,000 - 60,000 INR depending on the brand, model, and other features.

Q.5. Can we use the inverter washing machine on the home inverter?

No, Inverter Technology is meant to save electricity. It doesn't make the washing machine compatible to run on a home inverter. You should never run a washing machine or any other heavy appliance on your home inverter.

Q.6. Do we need a stabilizer for an inverter washing machine?

Well, most inverter washing machines come with an inbuilt stabilizer that can handle voltage fluctuations in a certain range. But if the voltage fluctuation in your area is extreme then you can go for a stabilizer.  

Q.7. What is inverter touch control in washing machine?

Inverter touch control in washing machines is a feature that allows users to control the washing machine through a touch screen interface.
It has several benefits, including that it is more user-friendly and that it allows users to control the washing machine from a distance.

Q.8. What is smart inverter motor in the washing machine?

Smart Inverter motor is a brushless dc motor that reduces the wastage of power in the form of friction and heat. It increases the efficiency of the washing machine and reduces power consumption.

Who Should Buy - Is it Worth Buying?

Washing Machines with Inverter Technology are the best washing machines available in the market. It is much more reliable and energy-efficient. 

If you have a good budget and can afford to invest in Inverter Washing Machines then go for it.

It will pay you well in the long run. The low energy consumption and maintenance cost will cover your initial investment. 

So, here we tie up. If you have any further queries or want some more information then comment below.

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