What Are the Best Features of IFB Washing Machine | IFB Washing Machines (Review)

IFB is one of the most trusted washing machine brands. It is an Indian brand that provides world-class premium quality products at an affordable price.

It has the biggest market capitalization in India. It is way more than LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and Bosch

IFB washing machine is specially meant for working in extreme conditions. The build quality is also superior and the machines are built to last longer.

IFB Washing Machines (Review)

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Key Features of IFB Washing Machines

Aqua Energie for Hard Water

One of the most common problems in many parts of India is hard water. 

The water coming from the borewell generally contains the minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals and salts increase the hardness of the water. 

The hard water is not suitable for both the washing machine and the clothes. 

It builds up soap and detergent scum on the walls of the drum decreases the efficiency of the washing machine and causes damage to the clothes. 

So in order to tackle all these problems IFB came up with a solution which is Aqua Energie Feature. It is an inbuilt device that treats hard water and converts it into soft water by breaking the salt and the minerals into fine particles. 

3D Wash Technology with Crescent Moon Drum

The premium IFB washing machine comes with improved technology that imparts better cleaning. 

The 3D Wash Technology is a revolutionary wash system. It comes with dynamic water jets that create a powerful flow of water in the drum from different directions. It helps in better soaking of the clothes as well as better dissolution of the detergent. 

The IFB washing machines have specially designed drums. These innovative Crescent Moon Drums have half-moon shapes on the surface of the drums. It creates gentle water cushions that prevent the clothes from getting any damage. 

More Convenient with Laundry Add Option and Ball Valve Technology

In most of the front load washing machines, there is no option for adding or removing laundry in between. But IFB is unique. The Laundry Add Option lets you pause the wash cycle and add or remove any laundry in the mid of the wash cycle. 

While draining the detergent also gets drained along with the water. It leads to the wastage of a lot of detergents.
In order to tackle this IFB introduced Ball Valve Technology. The IFB washing machines come with a ball in the drainage pipe. It lets the water out while keeping the detergent in. 

Auto Tub Clean with Anti Allergen and Hot Water Wash ensures hygienic wash

There are a lot of advanced features in IFB washing machines. But during this pandemic period, the most important thing is health and hygiene. 

IFB knows it very well that's why they introduced Auto Tub Clean Feature. It ensures that both your drum and clothes remain clean and hygienic. It will also remind you to run an Auto Tub Clean Program after every 40 wash cycles. So in case if you forget to clean your drum it will give you a reminder. 

The Anti Allergen Feature is meant for removing different types of allergens and germs. It ensures to provide clean and healthy clothes. This feature is most suitable for washing the clothes of newborn babies or sick people. 

The IFB washers come with an inbuilt heater that lets you wash your clothes with hot water. It not only cleans your clothes thoroughly but also kills the bacteria and viruses that might be resting on the surface of your clothes. 

High End Protection with Voltage Protection and Child Lock

IFB keeps safety the first priority. It is an Indian brand and knows about the root problem of India. 

Well, voltage fluctuation is a very common problem in most parts of India. That's why it came up with High Low Voltage Protection

The IFB washing machines automatically monitor the voltage fluctuation and switch off the machine instantly. It protects the critical component of the machine from getting damaged. 

The Child Lock Feature is dedicated to protecting the wash setting from your naughty kids. 

This feature will lock the buttons of the control panel. So the setting remains undisturbed and the wash cycle keeps going. 

Better Wash Stability with Smart Sense and Auto Balance System

The IFB Washing Machine comes with inbuilt sensors that weigh the load and adjust the wash setting, water level, and detergent usage accordingly. 

You just have to add the clothes and detergent and everything will be done by the machine.

You might be wondering what if I put the clothes unevenly in the washing machine. 

Well, don't worry IFB has an Auto Balance System that automatically detects and balances the wash load in the drum.

It provides a more stable wash by distributing the clothes evenly in the drum.

Powerful and Effective Washing with Triadic Pulsator and Lint Filter

IFB dominates the market of front loaders. But it is also a well known name in the market of top load washing machines as well. 

The IFB top loaders provide very effective washing with its Triadic Pulsator

This pulsator consists of soft scrub pads that remove stubborn stains and dirt gently without harming the soft fabrics.

There is a Powerful Swirl Jets that creates strong water waves and removes dirt from every corner of the fabric.

Moreover, the Lint Filter Tower traps all the microfibres that come out of your clothes during the wash cycle and gives you fresh and allergen-free clothes.

Should You Buy IFB

Well, IFB is a great brand in overall comparison.

But every brand has its pros and cons. So IFB also has some flaws. 

But before that, let us discuss the pros of IFB Washing Machines. The IFB washers are built to work in extreme conditions. So these are very effective in hard water conditions or low water pressure. 

Another reason that makes it different from other top brands like Bosch, Samsung, and LG is that these are very affordable. 

You can get premium quality washing machines with great features at half price compared to LG and Samsung.

Now, talking about the cons. The IFB washers are not packed with advanced technologies like Smart Inverter Technology, Smart Wi-Fi Control with AI, and 6 Motion DD that Premium brands like LG and Samsung offer in their washing machines. 

You will also notice that the build quality of IFB is not as good as Bosch or LG. 

Moreover, IFB needs to do a lot of work in the improvement of customer service. There are many complaints about bad IFB after sale service, especially in tier - 2 and tier - 3 cities. 

Wrapping Up

IFB has established itself in the Indian washing machine market very strongly. 

It provides the customer with what they want. If you want affordable washing with great features then IFB is for you. 

It is an Indian brand so it knows the roots of India. That is why it produces washing machines that are available at low prices, and can work even in hard water conditions and also in low water pressure. 

But if you are an enthusiast of new and innovative technologies then you have to look for other brands.

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