How to Deep Clean a Washing Machine - Quick and Easy Steps

If you want to clean your washing machine but don't know how to start it. 

Then, this post on How to Clean a Washing Machine is for you. It will clear all your doubts and thoughts on Why and How should you clean your washing machine?

Cleaning of both Top Load and Front Load Washing Machines is discussed in simple and detailed steps.   

So read it till the end. 

How to Clean a Washing Machine


Why You Should Clean Your Washing Machine?

There are several reasons for cleaning the washing machine. Regular use of washing machines causes dirt, debris, lint, and other stuff to get accumulated.

Also over time dirt, soap, and detergent scum build up and make your washing machine dirty. It also leads to the growth of bacteria and molds and mildew in the washing machine and it causes a bad odor.

So if you keep on using the washing machine in this condition then the cleaning efficiency of your washing machine will drastically decrease and you won't be getting 100% clean and fresh clothes. It will also cause a bad odor in your laundry.

For tackling these problems and for increasing the washing efficiency of the washing machine. You need to clean your washing machine regularly.

How Often Should You Clean Your Washing Machine?

There is no fixed period. It depends on your usage. If you do a lot of laundries like every day or after every alternate day. 

Then there are high chances of your washing machine getting dirty. So in this situation, you need to clean your washing machine once a month or two.

Whereas if you live alone or have only two members in your family then you might not be doing a lot of laundry. 

So there would be fewer chances of your washing machine getting dirty. In this case, you can clean it once in six months. 

What Do You Need For Cleaning?

Before heading over to the actual cleaning process. You need some essential items for better cleaning.

1. White vinegar
2. Baking soda
3. All-purpose cleaner (eg. Colin)
4. Microfiber cloth
5. Toothbrush

How to Clean a Front Load Washing Machine?

There are high chances of bad odor in a front load washing machine. So you need to clean it thoroughly. The cleaning includes the drum, gasket, detergent dispenser, doors, and exterior body. 

How to clean the washing machine drum

The first and foremost step is to clean your washing machine drum. 

You have to add 2 cups of white vinegar to the washing machine drum. After doing this set the washer setting to the longest and hottest wash cycle. 

Vinegar has a lot of qualities. It is considered a natural deodorizer and will remove all the sticking smells. Moreover, it neutralizes detergent residues and soap scum. Vinegar will do most of the work. 

But there is one more step for complete cleaning of the washing machine drum. Now, baking soda plays a vital role here.  

Once the cycle is over now you have to clean it with baking soda. Pour half cup of baking soda into your drum and run the same setting used for vinegar. 

It will remove the traces and odor of the vinegar and will make the drum 100% fresh. 

How to clean the gasket

It is responsible for most of the bad odor. It is the best place for the growth of bacteria and molds. You need to clean this up.

You need to dip a microfiber cloth into the vinegar solution and clean the gasket. Clean every corner of the gasket you will find lint mildew and even hair stuck in it. After this dip the cloth in clean water and rinse the gasket well. 

How to clean the detergent dispenser

Now after all these things you need to clean the detergent dispenser. You can simply detach it and clean it with water in the sink. You can use a brush for better cleaning. 

How to Clean the Exterior and the Doors 

Once you are done with the interior, you need to clean the exterior of your washing machine. 

For that, you simply need an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Spray the cleaner all over the body including the door of the washing machine and wipe it with the help of a microfiber cloth. 

After all these things you need to wipe the drum and gasket and the doors with a dry cloth and let it open till it completely dries out.

How to Clean a Top Load Washing Machine?

The cleaning of the Top Load Washing Machine is a little different from the Front Loader. But the process and cleaning items are the same. You need to clean the drum, lid, detergent tray, lint filter, and exterior body.

How to Clean the Tub/Drum  

Add 2 to 3 cups of white vinegar to the washing machine drum. Fill the drum with 2/3 rd of the water. Let the vinegar solution sit in the machine for an hour. After an hour runs a hot water cycle for maximum duration.

Once the first cycle with vinegar gets over. 

Now you have to run another cycle with baking soda. Again add one cup of baking soda and run the same setting with the highest temperature and longest duration.

How to Clean the Lid and Exterior

The lid and the external body of the washing machine also need to be cleaned. 

Use an all-purpose cleaner for cleaning the lid and exterior. Spread it all over the body and wipe it with a thick microfiber cloth. This will make your washing machine shiny and sparkling like a new washing machine.

How to Clean the Dispenser and the Lint Filter

You can detach the detergent tray and fabric softener tray. Clean it with the help of a solution of warm water and vinegar. You should use a toothbrush for better cleaning.

Now it's time for the lint filter. 

Over time a lot of lint gets accumulated in the lint filter. It is necessary to clean the filter. 

In many washing machines, it is removable so you can remove and soak it in warm water and clean it with the help of a toothbrush.

If the lint filter is not removable then, you should contact professionals to seek help.

After all, these steps wipe the drum and the interior of the washing machine with a clean and dry cloth.

After wiping keep the lid open till it dries out completely.

Tips For Preventing the Bad Smell of Washing Machine

1. Washing Your Clothes with hot water. It is the best way to kill bacteria, mold, and mildew. Because they can't survive in the high temperature. 

2. After every wash keeps the lid or the door of your washing machine open. It will let the moisture dry out thus preventing the bad odor.

3. Try to take out clothes as soon as possible after the wash cycle is over. 

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