IFB VS LG Washing Machine - Which is better in 2021

Are you confused between IFB and LG Washing Machine?

Don't worry I am here to help you. This post on IFB VS LG Washing Machine - Which is better in 2021 will clear all your doubts. 

I have kept some important points in mind for better comparison like:

  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Advanced Features
  • Customer Service

Now, let us check the comparison of IFB and LG Washing Machines.

IFB VS LG Washing Machine

Contents :

Introduction to IFB Vs LG Washing Machine

IFB is an Indian company. The full form of IFB is Indian Fine Blanks Limited. 

It has mastered producing the best fully automatic washing machines that can meet the user's high expectations at an affordable price. They produce washing machines keeping in mind the needs of Indian families.

LG on the other hand is a South Korean company. LG stands for Lucky Goldstar, but it is popularly known as Life's Good because of its ease of use and its long-lasting performance. 

When it comes to washing machines LG is at the top. It produces almost every type of washing machine like Top Load, Front Load, and Semi-Automatic Washing Machine. You can easily find the best LG Washing Machine in any range.

LG Vs IFB Washing Machine Pricing

Both LG and IFB Washing Machine comes at a decent price. 

Well, the price may vary from model to model and the technology used in the washing machines. 

So here is a brief detail about the pricing of both IFB and LG. 

Top Load Washing Machine

Price Range - 25000 to 60000
Top Load Washing Machine

Price Range - 15000 to 25000
Front Load Washing Machine

Price Range - 30000 to 50000
Front Load Washing Machine

Price Range - 22000 to 40000
Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Price Range - 10000 to 20000
Semi-Automatic Washing Machine


Ease of Use

It is not about buying a washing machine and keeping it at home. You should buy a washing machine that has a better user interface with a simple control panel and can be used with ease. 

This is the reason you should check which washing machine would be easy to use. 

Here it is. 

LG Washing Machine : 

LG washing machines are not beginner-friendly. If you are buying a washing machine for the first time or have used a washing machine from another company then you can face some difficulties. 

It would be easy to use if you have already used an LG washing machine before. 

The control panel of the LG Washing Machine is quite complicated. Because it uses complex names in its control panel for eg. (Cotton Large, Dark Wash, Duvet, Baby Steam Care, Download Cycle etc.)

Yes, you might be thinking what are these? These are the names of wash programs that are present in LG washing machines. So you have to dedicate some time to learn about these features one by one. Then only you can understand which wash program is suitable for what type of fabrics. 

Another drawback in the LG washing machine especially in Front Load Washing Machine is that there is no option to add laundry in the middle of the wash cycle. 

So if you forgot to add any clothes to your LG washing machine then you have to stop the wash cycle. Add the laundry and then start the wash cycle from the beginning. 

This is very frustrating and time taking.

IFB Washing Machine :

IFB Washing Machines can be used easily from the first day itself. You don't need any prior knowledge or need to be from technical background for using it. IFB comes with a simple jog dial control panel and LED Display that shows you the progress of wash settings. 

So that you can easily track which wash program is going on and how much time is left?

Moreover, it uses simple names and has wash programs for almost all types of laundry like(curtains, lingerie, silk, synthetic, mixed fabrics, etc.)

So this makes it very easy to use. You just have to move the dial on a specific wash program and press the start button. It is very simple right. 

Moreover, you get a Laundry Add Option. So that you can add or remove laundry in the mid of the wash cycle very easily. 

Advanced Features

LG Washing Machine:

Inverter Direct Drive Technology -The LG washing machines come with Direct Drive Inverter Technology. It means that the drum is directly attached to the motor. There is no belt and pulley in between. As a result, the washing machine becomes more energy-efficient, because there is no loss of heat in the form of friction and heat. 

It also reduces the chances of wearing and tearing. Moreover, the machine will produce low noise and vibration during the wash cycle.

LGThinQ Wi-Fi Feature -The LG Front Load Washing Machine comes with this feature. There is a smart LGThinQ App that you can install on your smartphone and can control the wash settings from anywhere very easily. You don't have to go to Washing Machine for changing any settings. 

Moreover, this app can diagnose up to 86 errors. So if there are any problems with your washing machine just connect the washing machine to this app and you will get to know about the error. So, you can easily tackle the problem either by yourself or by calling an LG technician. 

Turbo Wash Feature - This feature is meant for a fast and clean wash. It reduces the wash time from 95 minutes to 59 minutes. It is helpful for today's busy lifestyle. 

Well, it not only save your time but it also saves water, detergent, and electricity. 

Water Proof Control Panel -The LG washing machines have a totally waterproof control panel so there is no chance of electrical shocks and other mishappenings.

IFB Washing Machine: 

Aqua Energie Feature -This is very useful for hard water conditions. It energizes the water coming from the tap for better dissolution of the detergent. It provides a better and softer wash without any harm to the drum and the laundry. In short, it is perfect for the regions with hard water problems.

Crescent Moon Drum -The drum has smooth Crescent moon-like grooves that create a gentle water cushion and prevents the soft fabrics from getting damaged. 

3D and 4D Wash System -The IFB Washing Machine comes with this special type of wash system. The jets and showers of water completely soak the clothes and provide better dissolution of the detergent. It increases the washing efficiency and ensures better wash performance. 

Ball Valve Technology -In the IFB washing machines, there is a floating ball valve present at the washing machine's drainage. It lets the water out but keeps the detergent in. Thus it helps in saving the detergent. 

High Voltage Protection - If there is any problem with voltage fluctuation, the machine will automatically turn off. It protects the crucial components of the washing machine like the PCB circuit. The wash cycle will only start when the voltage levels stabilize. 

Customer Service

LG is a very big brand and has a wide service network all around the globe. It tries to tackle the problem of its customers as soon as possible. 

Because LG is an old and reputed brand you can easily find LG service centers and LG washing machine spare parts. So you don't have to worry a lot about LG after service.

Well, IFB is a decent brand that tries to serve its customers in the best possible way. But they are still way more behind LG. There are several complaints about IFB customer service in some regions. Mostly the small towns and village areas are not getting appropriate customer service from IFB. 

But if you come from a big city in India then IFB will serve you and will solve all your problems. 

IFB vs LG Washing Machine Top Model

Both IFB and LG have a lot of the Best Washing Machines in the market. So choosing the right one between these two best washing machine brand is quite difficult. That's why I am adding the top models from both the brands LG and IFB. 

Product Name Product Description
LG 8 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (FHT1408SWL)

Capacity - 8 Kg
Spin Speed - 1400 rpm
Energy Rating - 5 Star
Warranty - 2 years on the product and warranty of 10 years on motor
LG 6.5 Kg Smart Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T65SNSF1Z)

Capacity - 6.5 Kg
Spin Speed - 780 rpm
Energy Rating - 5 Star
Warranty - It comes with 2 years warranty on product and 10 years on motor
LG 11 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P1145SRAZ)

Capacity - 11 Kg
Spin Speed - 1350 rpm
Energy Rating - 5 Star
Warranty - 2 years on the product and warranty of 5 years on motor

Here is the complete list of Best LG Washing Machine in 2021.

Product Name Product Description
IFB 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (Senator WXS)

Capacity - 8 Kg
Spin Speed - 1400 rpm
Energy Rating - 5 Star
Warranty - There is 4 years warranty on product and 10 years spare parts support
IFB 6 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (Diva Aqua SX)

Capacity - 6 Kg
Spin Speed - 800 rpm
Energy Rating - 5 Star
Warranty - Product warranty 4 years and motor warranty 4 years
IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (TL RSS 6.5)

Capacity - 6.5 Kg
Spin Speed - 720 rpm
Energy Rating - 5 Star
Warranty - 4 years on the product and 4 years on the motor

Here is the complete list of Best IFB Washing Machine in 2021.

The Verdict 

You are still confused. 

I know it's hard to choose between the best washing machine brands like LG and IFB. 

I would like to say there is no winner or loser. The choice depends from person to person and from place to place. 

But if you are investing your money then you should choose the one which is suitable for you.

So have a look at the winner. 


IFB-  ★★★★★

LG-  ★★★★

Both IFB and LG come at an affordable price. But IFB offers a lot more features at less price than the LG washing machines.    

So if you have a limited budget and want the best product then go for IFB. 

The winner is IFB.

2.Ease of Use

IFB-   ★★★★★

LG-   ★★★★

LG produces more advanced washing machines with advanced features like wi-fi control. Moreover, it uses difficult names for the wash programs. So you might get confused while operating the LG washing machine. 

Whereas, the IFB washing machines are very easy to use with a simple control panel and easy wash programs. You can easily use it even if you don't have any technical knowledge. So it is more user-friendly as compared to LG.

The winner is IFB.

3. Advanced Features

IFB -   ★★★★

LG -  ★★★★★

LG is known for its smart, innovative, and advanced technologies. It is unbeatable when it comes to revolutionary technologies. So if you are tech-friendly and want the best and advanced technologies then LG washing machines are fit for you. Moreover, the innovative feature like Inverter Technology makes the washing machines highly energy efficient.  

But if you want simple but powerful Features then you can go for IFB. 

The winner is LG.

4. Customer Service

IFB -   ★★★★

LG -  ★★★★★

Both LG and IFB are not perfect when it comes to serving customers. But in overall comparison, LG provides better customer service than IFB.

The Winner is LG.    

IFB VS LG Washing Machine - Which one is good for you?

There is no doubt that LG is a bigger brand than IFB. But IFB is more concentrated over Indian customers whereas LG is a global brand. 

So IFB offers a lot of useful features that are more suitable for Indian customers and are available at a cheap price as compared to LG. 

But LG washing machines can not be kept aside. There are many LG Washing Machine models that are dominating the market and are present at highly affordable prices. 

That's why it's difficult to say which one is suitable for you. 

So ultimately it's your choice, your need, and your budget that will decide which brand is more suitable for you.   

If you have further questions or any feedback. Then comment down below. 

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