LG Washing Machine Review in 2024 | Is LG Washing Machine Good?

If you are planning to buy an LG washing machine. But don't know whether it's good for you or not. 

Then this article is for you. We have discussed everything related to LG washing machines their service, warranty time, price, energy efficiency, etc.

So, be sure that after reading this post you will be able to find out whether the LG washing machines are good for you or not.

Best Reasons to choose LG Washing Machine

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Before heading over to the actual article here is a brief introduction to LG.

LG is a South Korean company formerly known as Lucky Goldstar.

It is a global leader in the production of household appliances.

LG uses the slogan Life's Good because it claims to provide the best product and the best after-sales service across the globe.


LG washing machines come with the latest and most advanced technologies. 

LG puts a lot of time and money into innovative ideas. As a result, LG washing machines are highly advanced. 

Due to these advanced features and technologies. The LG washing machines are more costly as compared to other brands like IFB or Bosch or Samsung.

So, if you are willing to buy LG then be prepared to make more initial investments. But be assured it is totally worth investing that money and it will pay you well in the long run.

LG produces all 3 types of washing machines Semi-Automatic Washing Machines, Top Load Washing Machines, and Front Load Washing Machines. 

You can find LG washing machines in a wide price range.

There is a rough price range for all the 3 types.

  • LG Semi-Automatic Washing Machine: 10,000  - 20,000
  • LG Top Load Washing Machine: 17,000 - 30,000
  • LG Front Load Washing Machine: 26,000 - 60,000

Build Quality and Durability

LG top load and front load washing machines are made up of high quality stainless steel bodies. It provides better durability with high end performance.

Whereas the semi-automatic washing machines are made up of a 3mm thick plastic cover coated with strong rodent repellent chemicals. This helps in keeping away the rats. 

In LG washing machines whether it is fully automatic or semi-automatic. You won't get any problems related to the build quality because the LG washing machines are made up of highly durable long-lasting materials.

Warranty Time and Lifespan

LG is one of the most genuine brands offering good warranty time. 

LG offers a warranty of 2 years on its washing machine and 10 years (5 years in case of semi-automatic) warranty on the motor of the washing machine. 

In short, you will get a reliable product with a decent warranty time.

The LG washing machines are also long-lasting. These can last up to 10 to 12 years on average.

Energy Efficiency

LG Washing Machines are one of the most energy-efficient washing machines in the market.

As we have discussed before LG focuses on innovation. 

So LG uses advanced Direct Drive Inverter Technology. In this, the drum of the washing machine is directly attached to the motor. 

Whereas in other washing machines, the motor and the drum are connected with the help of a belt and pulley. 

Direct Drive VS Belt Drive

This revolutionary Inverter Technology reduces the loss of energy by friction and heat. And also makes the washing machine super silent during operation.

The Direct Drive Inverter Technology is responsible for saving 20 to 30% more electricity than normal washing machines the difference is very much. 

Moreover, most LG washing machines have a 5-Star BEE rating. It means you won't see a huge spike in your monthly electricity bills. 

LG washing machines are highly energy-efficient and can save a lot of electricity.

Customer Service

The brand reputation is measured by the type of service it provide to its customers. 

LG is one of the best brands providing the best customer service. You can easily find LG service centers in almost every part of India. 

They are known for providing an instant solution. But you might have to face some problems if you belong to tier 3 cities. But overall LG's after-sales service is the best.

Some customer care numbers of LG

  • 1800 180 9999
  • 1800 315 9999
  • LG WhatsApp Care - 9711709999

Advanced Technologies

LG Direct Drive Inverter Technology

LG focuses on innovation and unique features. They introduce direct drive technology. It means that the inverter motor is directly attached to the drum without any belt or pulley. 

This makes the washing machine more efficient and also reduces the wastage of energy in the form of friction, heat, noise, and vibration. 

This combo of direct drive technology and inverter motor can save a lot of electricity. It also increases the average lifespan of LG washing machines. 

LG Twin Wash Technology

LG Twin Wash Technology

LG Twin Wash System lets you do two loads at the same time. Yes, it means you can wash two different types of laundry. 

The washing machines with Twin Wash Feature have two separate drawers. The main drum is used for washing heavily soiled laundry or large laundry like bedsheets, towels, curtains, jeans, etc. 

Whereas the mini drawer has a small capacity. It is meant for washing delicate clothes like inner garments, handkerchiefs, lightly soiled gym clothes, etc.

LG 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology

LG 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology

This technology was adopted by LG for stability and balance between powerful washing and delicate washing. 

The drum moves in different directions that gently remove the dirt and stains without damaging the soft fabrics. 

This feature makes the LG Washing Machines suitable for all fabric types.

LG Smart Diagnosis Feature

LG Smart Diagnosis Feature

The LG fully automatic washing machines have this feature. 

It is very useful for detecting and solving errors. 

This smart diagnosis feature can diagnose up to 86 errors. 

Most of the errors you can fix on your own without any help from a technician. 

LG Steam Wash 

LG Steam Wash

This program is mainly meant for disinfecting the laundry. 

The hot water enters the washing machine and fills 20% of the tub in this feature. 

The hot water creates steam and passes through the clothes removing dirt and stains. It also kills bacteria, germs, viruses, and other microorganisms. 

You can use this feature for disinfecting the clothes of sick people. It is also ideal for baby clothes. 

Should you buy LG? 

LG is a trusted brand that produces premium-quality washing machines. LG surpasses the biggest brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, IFB, and Bosch in terms of reliability, build quality, after-sale service, and advanced technologies. 

Brands like Samsung and Whirlpool are also tough competitors. But LG has an edge over them. 

Innovative technologies like DDIT, and 6 Motion DD Technology make the LG washing machines more reliable. 

But LG also has some drawbacks like its washing machines being very costly. You can get better washing machines from Samsung, IFB, and Whirlpool at lower prices with almost the same features.

LG also needs to work on its Smart Wi-Fi Control. The app does not function very well there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. It also takes a lot of time to diagnose and troubleshoot the errors.

Final Words

This was the complete guide for LG Washing Machines. Now, you have to tell me whether you are going to buy LG washing machines or not. 

Well, frankly speaking, if you want a washing machine that provides you peace of mind then go for LG. The LG washing machines are very good and the after-sale service is way better as compared to other top brands. 

So, I hope it helped you to clear all your doubts. If you have any related questions then ask below in the comment box.  

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