What is Aqua Energie Feature in IFB Washing Machine - Everything You Need To Know

IFB Washing machines are well-known in the market.

They are known for their advanced features and longer lifespan. 

Do you know that IFB Washing Machines comes with a unique feature known as the Aqua Energie Feature? 

If you are wondering what this is and how it works then you are in the right place. 

Here you will find all your answers. 


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Aqua Energie Feature

Aqua Energie Feature

Before moving to the feature let us know why this feature was introduced. 

Most Indian towns depend on groundwater. Well, the groundwater contains a lot of salt making the water hard. Soaps and detergents can not dissolve properly in hard water. 

As a result, you will see white patches on your clothes, especially the darker ones. 

So, to solve that problem IFB introduced this Aqua Energie Feature.  

Aqua Energie is a water-softening technology. 

There is a special device that breaks the bicarbonates into smaller crystals.

In simple words, it converts the hard water into soft water.

As a result, it helps in better dissolution of detergent.

It also prevents the formation of white salt deposits in the machine or on clothes. 

This feature not only improves the effectiveness of the washing process

But also protects the washing machine from damage caused by hard water deposits. 

How Aqua Energie Works

How Aqua Energie Works


Aqua Energie is a feature found only in IFB front-loading washing machines designed to improve the quality of water used for washing clothes.

In this feature, the bicarbonates present in hard water break down into smaller crystals, which are then easily dissolved in the water. 

This helps in better dissolution of detergent and thorough cleaning of clothes.

The Aqua Energie system consists of a filter that is placed at the water inlet of the washing machine. 

When the washing machine is filled with water, the filter allows the water to pass through a charged resin bed. 

This bed converts bicarbonates present in the water into small crystals. 

The crystals are filtered, leaving the water soft and free of impurities. 

Soft water is gentler on clothes and requires less detergent.

As a result, this feature helps to save money and also reduces the environmental impact.


Advantages of Aqua Energie

The advantages of Aqua Energie feature in a washing machine are:

  • Better cleaning: The Aqua Energie feature ensures that the detergent is dissolved properly, which improves the cleaning efficiency of the washing machine.
  • Protects clothes: Hard water can cause damage to clothes, especially delicate fabrics. Aqua Energie converts hard water into soft water, which reduces the chances of damage to clothes and increases their lifespan.
  • Energy efficiency: This technology can help reduce the energy consumption of the washing machine, as it helps to heat the water faster, using less electricity.
  • Environmentally friendly: It helps to reduce the amount of water and detergent required for washing clothes, which is good for the environment.
  • Easy maintenance: The filter can be easily cleaned, ensuring that the washing machine operates efficiently for a longer time.

Why You Should Consider This Feature

This is a unique and innovative feature found only in some IFB washing machines.

It helps to improve the efficiency of the wash cycle.  

Moreover, it protects the washing machine from damage caused by hard water deposits as a result extends its lifespan.

Well, it is an excellent feature for those living in areas with hard water.

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