What is Anti Bacteria Wash in Bosch Washing Machine | What Clothes Should We Put In It?

You might have heard of hot water wash. And you know very well why we use it.

It is used for better cleaning of the clothes. The hot water wash can effectively eliminate stubborn stains and dirt. 

Moreover, it also kills bacteria, germs, and other microbes.

But in Bosch washing machines there is a special feature called Anti Bacteria Wash. 

It is almost similar to the hot water wash but there is a slight difference.

Let us discuss it in detail.

Anti Bacteria Wash in Bosch Washing Machine

Contents :

Anti Bacteria Wash 

Anti Bacteria Wash

The Anti Bacteria Wash Program is available only in Bosch washing machines. 

It is a very effective wash feature. 

With just a press of a button you will get clean, fresh and 99.9% hygienic clothes. 

How it works

Anti Bacteria Wash - How it works

The Anti Bacteria Wash feature works in hot water.

When you select this program the inbuilt heater starts heating the water up to 60 degrees Celsius

Then the clothes are soaked in the hot water for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Hot water has a characteristic known as low surface tension. This makes the hot water a better wetting agent. In simple words, the hot water can easily get through the tiny pores of the fabrics and fissures of your clothes. 

As a result, it will provide much more effective was than normal cold water.

But the main function of Anti Bacteria Feature is disinfecting the laundry. 

It will not only clean the stubborn stains and dirt but will also eliminate the growth of bacteria and other germs up to 99.99%. 

Advantages Of Anti Bacteria Wash

  • It provides 100% fresh and hygienic clothes.
  • This feature removes tough stains and dirt very easily.
  • This feature is also time-saving because it provides fresh laundry without pre-treating your clothes for disinfection.
  • It is very useful in disinfecting the clothes of babies. As germs and bacteria cannot survive in high temperatures.

What Clothes Should We Put In It

This feature is specially meant for eliminating harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. 

That's why it is perfect for washing the clothes of newborn babies, or someone who is allergic, or the clothes of sick people. 

But, in this time of the pandemic, you should also wash your daily clothes after coming from the office or school. It will reduce the risk of the growth of viruses and bacteria. 

This Wash Feature is also recommended for washing bedsheets and towels.  

Thus, it is the best wash feature that reduces the risk of getting caught by any type of virus or bacteria. 

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