What Is Bar Pressure in Geyser? Everything You Need to Know in (2024)

Whenever you buy a geyser you will notice a bar pressure rating on the geyser.

But do you know what exactly it is and why should we consider this before buying a water heater/geyser?

You might not know about it or you need help finding legit information about it.

Don't worry I am here to help you. 

This post will clear all your doubts and will help you to choose the ideal geyser with the right bar pressure rating.

What Is Bar Pressure in Geyser

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What is Bar Pressure in Geyser

You might be wondering what does 8 bar pressure in geyser means?

Well, before going to the actual explanation of the geyser bar pressure rating. 

I would like to give you brief information about bar pressure.

In physics, bar pressure is a metric unit that is used to calculate the pressure of fluids (air or water). 

But in geysers, the concept of bar pressure is a little different.

The bar pressure rating in the geyser is the water pressure inside the tank of the geyser.

In other words, it means how much water pressure a geyser can withstand.

There are two taps connected to a geyser one is a cold water inlet another one is a hot water outlet. 

So if the pressure of water coming from the cold water inlet is high then you should go for the geyser with a high pressure rating. The high rise apartments have high water pressure.

Whereas, if you live in single-storeyed or double-storeyed buildings then the water pressure wouldn't be very high. 

In this case, you can buy a water heater with a low pressure rating.

I hope now you have got an idea of what 6 bar and 8 bar pressure geyser means.

Why is it important to choose the right bar pressure

After reading all the above things you might be wondering why I need to buy a geyser with high pressure or low pressure rating? 

What if I don't buy a geyser with the right bar pressure?

So if you are planning to buy any random geyser without any research then you have to be very very careful.

Let me explain if you live in a place where the water pressure is very high and you have bought a geyser with a low bar pressure rating.

The high water pressure will damage the inner tank of your geyser. The delicate material of the inner tank wouldn't be able to withstand the high water pressure and it will collide. 

It can lead to problems like water leakage, more time for heating water, short circuit of the geyser components, and electric shock. 

So in order to avoid these problems, you should buy a geyser with the right pressure rating.

How to calculate bar pressure

There is an instrument named Pressure Gauge that is used to measure the exact bar pressure. But it is carried only by professional plumbers.

So you might not have this instrument at your home. 

But don't worry you can still calculate the bar pressure without any instruments.

Actually the bar pressure is calculated by calculating the distance between the bottom of the overhead tank (water tank on the terrace) to the tap or shower in the bathroom. 

For e.g., if the distance between the water tank and your shower is 10 m then the bar pressure would be 1 bar. 

In this way, you can calculate the right bar pressure rating for your geyser.

Here is a table for better understanding.

(between tank and tap)
Pressure Rating
(Water Pressure)
1 m 0.1 bar
5 m 0.5 bar
10 m 1 bar
20 m 2 bar
30 m 3 bar
40 m 4 bar
50 m 5 bar
60 m 6 bar
70 m 7 bar

What is the ideal bar pressure for geysers?

There are several factors that affect the bar pressure. But the most prominent factor is the height of the building.

So if you live in a high rise building or multistoried apartment. Then the pressure of the water would be much higher. 

In this case, you have to go for a geyser with a high pressure rating. It would be better if you buy geysers with an 8 bar pressure rating to be on the safer side.

But if you live in a single-storeyed or double-storeyed house. Then water pressure wouldn't be a big concern. In this case, you can buy a geyser even with a low bar pressure rating. 

The other factor that affects the water pressure are:

  • The floor that you live in
  • Time of the day
  • Number of taps used at the same time


I have covered everything related to Bar Pressure in the geyser. 

If you want to check the list of Best Geysers in India then click the given link.

I hope all your queries are solved and you can calculate the bar pressure required for your geyser. 

However, to be on the safe side go for water heaters with a pressure rating of 6 bars or more. They can easily withstand high water pressure and are more durable and long-lasting. 

FAQ - Bar Pressure in Geyser

Q.1. What is 8 bar pressure in geyser?

The water pressure in the water heater is measured in bars.

Therefore bar pressure is nothing but the water pressure that hits your water tank in a geyser/water heater.

Well, it is suggested to buy an 8 bar pressure geyser to stay safe side irrespective of the building rise.

Q.2. Which bar pressure is best in geyser?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right bar pressure for geysers. Some factors to consider include the size and shape of the geyser, the type of water used in the geyser, and the average amount of water shot out per minute.

Generally, the higher the bar pressure, the greater the water pressure that will be used to shoot the geyser. So in short you should go for geysers with a bar pressure of 6 or above.

Q.3. 6.5 bar pressure vs 8 bar pressure in geyser which is best? 

Generally, a 6.5-bar pressure geyser is typically sufficient for most applications. This rating means it can handle water pressure up to 6.5 bars, which is suitable for many homes' water supply systems. 

However, if you are in buildings with multiple floors, or if you want a geyser that can provide faster hot water flow, an 8-bar pressure geyser might be a better choice. 

It can handle higher water pressure, making it suitable for places where the water supply pressure is on the higher side.

Q.4. What is rated pressure in geyser?

The rated pressure in a geyser, which is also known as a water heater, refers to the amount of water pressure it can handle safely and efficiently. This pressure is typically measured in bars or pounds per square inch (PSI).

Q.5. What does bar mean in water pressure?

Bar is a unit of measurement that tells us how strongly or forcefully the water flows from a source, like a tap or a shower. 

In simple words, 6 bar water pressure is roughly equal to the pressure exerted by a six-kilogram weight on an area of one square centimeter. 

In practical terms, the higher the water pressure in bars, the more forcefully the water will flow out of your tap or shower. 

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