10 Effective Ways to Reduce Your AC Bills in 2024

Air Conditioners are very common these days. 

You can easily find it anywhere from your house to your office and even in cars pretty much everywhere you go. 

However, the main concern is that the air conditioner works on a complex mechanism. As a result, it consumes a lot of electricity. 

So, it is one of the biggest causes of the rise in your monthly electricity bills. 

Everyone wants to know How to Use AC Efficiently

Saving electricity will not only help to save our money. But it will also save our future generation from the shortage of electricity. 

So we must use our air conditioners efficiently and save electricity. 

Ways to Use AC Efficiently

That's why I am sharing some air conditioner tips for saving electricity this summer.   

Contents :

1. Buy the right size/capacity of AC

It is the first and most important step if you are willing to save electricity. 

You have to buy an AC that is suitable for you and that fulfills your cooling requirements. 

For eg., If you buy an AC of a small size then it will consume more power and will take more time to cool your room. 

As a result, it will raise your electricity bills. 

Whereas on the other hand if you buy an AC of large size then it will cool your room faster in less time. 

As a result, the compressor will be on and off more certain. 

This continuous fluctuation of the compressor will consume more power. 

Because the compressor consumes a lot of power for starting.

So in both cases, you will have to pay more electricity bills. 

That's why it is advisable to choose the right AC for your room. 

For more information check out our Best Air Conditioner - Buying Guide.

2. Go for an Inverter AC

Yes, if you want to save electricity. Then you have to choose the most energy-efficient AC.

You might have heard about an Inverter AC. 

If not, then I will explain it to you. 

In normal AC the compressor cools the room and is turned off till the temp of the room increases. 

Then again it starts and cools the room and then turns off. 

The continuous starting and stopping of the compressor consume way more electricity. 

But in an Inverter AC, the compressor is always on. 

The compressor adjusts the speed but is not turned off. 

So you will get uninterrupted cooling with great energy savings. 

3. Check the star rating

It is very important to check the overall star rating of an electronic appliance or gadget.

There is an organization Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) to check the overall star rating of various electronic appliances and gadgets. 

So in simple words the higher the star rating the more energy-efficient it will be. 

Pro Tip - Always go for a 5 Star BEE Rating. 

4. Install your AC Properly

In the above three points, we talked about how to buy an energy-efficient AC and how to find it. 

But now we will talk about how to install an AC properly. 

You might be thinking why we always install AC at the top near the ceiling. 

Well, the reason is that the hot and warm air is lighter and rises up towards the ceiling. 

So the AC easily absorbs or sucks this warm air and throws it out until your room is cooled down to the desired temperature. 

Pro Tip - Whether you are installing a window AC or a Split AC try to install it as high as possible. 

5. Keep your doors and windows closed while operating the AC

An AC doesn't blow cool air, but it absorbs the hot air from the room till the temperature of the room drops to the desired temperature. 

So don't think that opening the door and window will cool the room as well as other rooms. 

The working of an air conditioner is way more different from the working of an air cooler.

By doing this you are just increasing the load on your AC. 

As a result, it will consume more power and it will add up to your monthly electricity bills. 

So always keep your doors and windows closed while operating an AC.

6. Run your AC at a stable temperature

If you are running an AC then try to keep a stable temperature. 

Stable temperature means the temperature between 25-27 degrees Celcius. 

Many people have a misconception that setting the temperature at 18 degrees C will cool their room faster. 

But the reality is that it will take the same amount of time for your room to cool as that setting to 25 degrees. 

Well, 18 degrees is much cooler as compared to 25. But do you know how much you have to pay for that cool? 

According to research in livemint, it is concluded that each degree increase in the AC temperature would save around 5-7% of electricity. 

So if you run your AC from 18 to 25 then you can easily save 5000-6000 INR per month on your electricity bills. 

The big difference isn't it that's why it is advisable to use your AC at a stable temperature.    

7. Use a Fan

You can use a fan to spread the cool air faster in the room. 

Moreover, it will uniformly distribute the cool air in every corner of the room. 

Well, sometimes you can use only a fan if you don't need an AC.

That will not make the air cool but will relieve you from the heat. 

Most importantly it will not consume much electricity as compared to the running of the air conditioner. 

8. Maintain your AC regularly

Yes, it is important to regularly maintain your AC. 

Air conditioners have a complex mechanism that why they require regular maintenance. 

Well, maintaining your AC is simple. 

You just have to clean the AC filters after 2 to 3 weeks. 

Also, try to clean the dust accumulated on the AC body. 

Moreover serving your AC once or twice a year will increase the performance of your AC. 

It will provide better cooling, make your AC energy efficient, and will also increase the life span of your AC. 

9. Use Timer 

Every AC comes with a timer. Well, a timer is very effective when it comes to saving electricity. 

But how will you use this feature to save electricity? 

Well, it's simple for eg. If you want your AC to run for 2 hrs set a timer of 2 hours. After 2 the AC will automatically switch off. 

We the people might forget to switch off the AC after 2 hours. But the machine does not forget anything. 

This timer feature is more helpful at night. So if you sleep for 6 hrs then set a timer of 6 hrs and after 6 hours. 

The AC will automatically be switched off. So you don't have to wake up during your sleep just to switch off your AC. 

10. Use AC only when you need it

If you have tried all the above points then also you are stuck with the question How to Use AC with Less Power Consumption? 

Then, you should try this. It is the best way to operate an AC so that it consumes less power.

Try to limit the use of air conditioners. 

Do not use your AC when the temperature is moderate or cool. 

Using your AC unnecessarily will not only add up to your electricity bill but will also contribute to Global Warming. 

Well, no one can tell how many hours do you need to operate an air conditioner? 

Because it varies from person to person and from place to place.

So try to use your AC only when there is someone in the room or when it's really very hot. 


These are some of the best air conditioner tips that you can follow this summer to make your AC more energy efficient.

I hope that these 10 Effective Ways to Use AC Efficiently and Save Electricity were helpful. 

If you have further queries or want any suggestions then do comment below.

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