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Top 10 Best Double Door Refrigerator in India (2020)

A refrigerator is a basic need of every family. Nowadays, Double Door Refrigerators are in great demand.

There are many reasons firstly, it has a large capacity. Secondly, these are frost-free, it means that it automatically prevents the ice buildup. Moreover, it is suitable for every type of family.

But, many models can confuse you. So, we have to bring a list of the 10 Best Double Door Refrigerator.  You can go through the list and find your ideal refrigerator.

1. LG 260 L Double Door Refrigerator (GL-1292RPZL)

LG 260 L Double Door Refrigerator

Key Features :

  1. Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator (3-Star).
  2. Volume of 260 L.
  3. Ideal for 3-4 members family.
  4. Energy-Efficient as well as Low Noise Operation.
  5. Number of Shelves is 4 (Adjustable Glass Shelves).
  6. Smart Diagnosis automatically fixes any queries or troubleshoot problems.    
  7. Reliable Stabilizer Free operation (range: 100V-310V). 
  8. LED light at the top.
  9. Large (2L) bottle storage.

The LG Refrigerator works on a Smart Inverter Compressor. It automatically adjusts the cooling power by detecting the amount of food loaded in the refrigerator. It is designed for increasing the energy efficiency to save electricity. However, it also ensures longer freshness retention and less noisy operation.

Moreover, this refrigerator can easily work on your Home Inverter. Due to its Auto Smart Connect Technology, it automatically connects to the home inverter when the power goes off. 

Its new Ice Beam Door Cooling System provides even temperature throughout the refrigerator. The Multi Air Flow Vents located all over the refrigerator circulates air from the vents along with the back. It ensures proper cooling by distributing and circulating the cool air to every corner of the refrigerator. This helps in keeping the food fresh and healthy.    

Jet Ice Technology can be helpful when you instantly want to freeze your ice-cream, kulfis. It quickly converts water into ice. It can be beneficial for you if you frequently need ice at short time. However, due to Double Twist Ice Tray, you can easily take out the ice by twisting the twister and the ice would get collected in the box below.

There is a vegetable crisper (compartment)  of capacity 23 L with Lattice Type Cover. The lattice cover maintains the optimum moisture level within the refrigerator. Now your vegetables and fruits will remain fresh for a longer period. Similarly, the Deodorizer prevents bad odor and keep your fridge fresh.  


✔️ Stainless Steel Durable Body
✔️ 1-year warranty on the product
✔️ 10 years warranty on compressor
✔️ Frost Free, no ice accumulation
✔️ Door Lock


 No cons at all

2. Whirpool 265 L Inverter Double Door Refrigerator (INTELLIFRESH)

Whirpool 265 L Inverter Double Door Refrigerator (INTELLIFRESH)

Key Features :

  1. Double Door Frost Free Inverter Refrigerator.
  2. Convertible with 5 in 1 mode.
  3. Adaptive Intelligence Technology.
  4. Toughened Glass Shelves (3).
  5. 3 Star Rating.
  6. Stabilizer Free Operation.
  7. The capacity of 265 L, suitable for a 3-4 member family.
  8. Vegetable Crisper with Honey Comb Moisture Lock-in Technology.      

The Whirlpool Intellifresh Refrigerator comes with convertible freeze 5 in 1 mode. You can easily convert your fridge in 5 different modes according to your needs.

The Adaptive Intelligence Technology continuously senses, adapts, and converts the temperature and humidity level inside the refrigerator. The changes are made by sensing the load, outside weather, and usage pattern. It continuously analyzes data to ensure cooling for long-lasting freshness. 

Advance Intelli Sence Inverter Technology efficiently adapts the cooling according to load. It makes it energy-efficient as well as noiseless. However, it automatically connects to your home inverter. It ensures matchless performance by delivering consistent cooling and maintaining long-lasting freshness. 

Zeolite Technology prevents excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables. it keeps them garden fresh up to 15 days. Similarly, the Micro Block Technology prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus.

The Fresh Flow Air Tower with Flexi Vents is designed scientifically and placed strategically. It let out cool and fresh air into different sections providing uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator.  


✔️ 1-year warranty on the product
✔️ 10 years warranty on compressor
✔️ Door lock
✔️ Freshonizer helps to reduces oxidation


 Poor after service

3. Samsung 324 L Inverter Double Door Refrigerator (RT 34 T451358 )

Samsung 324 L Inverter Double Door Refrigerator

Key Features:

  1. Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator.
  2. 324 L Capacity, suitable for large families.
  3. Frost Free Function prevents ice build-up.
  4. Convertible 5 in 1 Mode.
  5. Digital Inverter compressor.
  6. Energy Efficient.
  7. Toughened Glass Shelves (4).
  8. LED Display Temperature Control Panel.
  9. Elegant Recess Handle.  

Samsung refrigerator comes with a stylish design and power-packed features. The convertible 5 in 1 feature provides ultimate flexible storage. Adapt your refrigerator to suit your needs. Easily convert your freezer into the fridge. You can use the freezer as a small fridge to store a small amount of food or can also turn them off to save electricity.

Digital Inverter Technology automatically adjusts the speed of the compressor according to cooling demand. It can save up to 50% of electricity. It can perform quietly. As well as it is certified to work 21 years. 

The All-around Cooling System cools every compartment informally. It continuously checks the temperature and circulates the cool air. So that every food item remains fresh for a longer time.

The Moist Fresh Zone (vegetable box) is a smartly designed drawer that creates an ideal environment for storing vegetables and fruits long. It continuously detects and adjusts the moisture level to maintain the ideal humidity level.

Power Cool blows intensely cold air into the fridge for quick cooling. Power Freeze delivers a fast blast of cold air into the freezer. It is great for freezing up frozen food and making ice.

The Fresh Room is a cooler compartment that ensures freshness. You can keep green salad and dairy products as they will stay fresh for a long period.


✔️ 1-year warranty on product
✔️ 10 years warranty on the compressor
✔️ Large freezer of capacity 88L
✔️ 5 in 1 Convertible Mode


 A little bit noisy
 Issues with customer service

4. Haier 320 L Double Door Refrigerator (HRB-340 4BS)

Haier 320 L Double Door Refrigerator

Key Features :

  1. Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator (3-Star).
  2. Capacity of 320 L, ideal for families with 3-4 members. 
  3. 4 Adjustable glass shelves.
  4. Large Freezer of volume 86 L.
  5. Bottle guard for storing large bottles of 2 L.
  6. Toughened Glass provides maximum durability.
  7. Bright LED light at the top brightens the entire refrigerator.   

This new model of Haier is a Bottom Mounted Refrigerator. In simple words, the freezer is at the bottom. It increases the convenience of using the fridge. You don't have to bend down for taking out the items.

Its 1 Hour Icing Technology brings down the temperature of the freezer to 5 degrees Celcius in just 60 minutes. It ensure to convert the water into ice in just a few minutes. So, you don't have to wait long for the ice cubes.

The Vegetable Crisper is 2X larger than any other refrigerator. So, it's easy to store more vegetables and fruits. It also keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for a long period.

360 Degree Cooling rotates the cold air. It uniformly distributes the cold air at every corner of the fridge. Therefore, the cooling remains intact and fresh.   

The freezer has a Twin Twist Ice Tray. Now, it's easy to get the ice cubes. You just to twist the twister and all the ice would get collected in the box below.   


✔️ 1-year warranty on product
✔️ 10-year warranty on compressor
✔️ It don't need a separate stabilizer


 It occupies more space due to its large size.
 Heavy in Weight

5. Whirlpool 245 L Double Door Refrigerator (258LH CLS) 

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

Key Features :

  1. Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator (2-Star).
  2. Volume of 245 L, Suitable for 3-4 member families. 
  3. Ice Twister easy to collect ice by twisting action.
  4. 3 adjustable shelves.
  5. Active Deo keeps the refrigerator fresh and odor-free. 

Whirlpool Neo Fresh Refrigerator offers superior freezing due to its Deep Freeze Technology. The refrigerator ensures 12 days of garden freshness. It means that the vegetable kept in would be as fresh as they are picked from a garden.

6TH Sence Deep Freeze Technology results in circular airflow.  As a result, the ice is formed quickly. Moreover, it keeps the ice cream frozen and fresh. You don't have to wait long for the ice. Also, you can enjoy the ice cream without any melting problem.

Fresh Flow Air Tower uniformly cools the different areas of the refrigerators. Meanwhile keeping the freshness for a long time.

Micro Block Technology prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria. Thus, keeping the food items, fruits, and vegetables safe.   

The elegant Honey Comb Design controls the moisture level. Moreover, it also ensures balanced cool air and freshness within the refrigerator.    

Chilling Gel traps the cool air. This trapped cool air is released during a power cut off. So, that the food items remain fresh even during a power cut off. 

At the bottom, there is a Freshonizer. It reduces the oxidation for prevention the fruits and vegetables from decaying. 


✔️ A year warranty on the product
✔️ The compressor warranty is 10 years 
✔️ Door Lock System
✔️ Stabilizer is not needed


 No cons at all

6. Godrej 236 L Double Door Inverter Refrigerator (RF EON 2308)

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

Key Features :

  1. Double Door Frost Free Inverter Refrigerator.
  2. Volume of 236 L, Suitable for 2-3 member families.
  3. 3 Adjustable Toughened Glass Shelves. 
  4. Can Function without a stabilizer.
  5. 2 Star Rating.
  6. Reciprocating Compressor.

Godrej is an Indian company making thoughtful appliance for more than 62 years. Godrej Refrigerator is comprised of built-in air vent packed in a modern design.   

The Jumbo Vegetable Tray has enough space for storing vegetables. You can easily store all the vegetables and fruits in it without worrying about the space. 

Anti Bacterial Removal Gasket helps in keeping the food free from germs. Silver Ion in the air duct and Anti-Microbial Resistance in the gasket keep the internal of the refrigerator fresh and free from bacteria. 

Moreover, the Toughened Glass  Shelves of the refrigerator has the strength to hold up to 150 kgs of weight. 

Large Tray Chiller can hold up to five 1 L water bottles. Now, you will never run out of chilled water. You can easily access to the cold water whenever needed. 


✔️ Bright LED lighting
✔️ 1 years warranty on product
✔️ 10 years warranty on compressor
✔️ 2 L water bottle storage 
✔️ Good product at a genuine price


No Ice Twister, difficult to take out the ice
Do not have features like Whirlpool and LG

7. Samsung 253 L Double Door Inverter Refrigerator (RT 28 M30 2258)

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

Key Features :

  1. Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator.
  2. Inverter Compressor.
  3. 1 Star BEE Rating.
  4. All around cooling.
  5. Auto defrost to stop ice build-up.
  6. Comfortable Recess handle.
  7. Big Botte Guard (2L).
  8. No. of shelve 3 with an easy slide shelf.

Samsung features an All-Around Cooling technique that maintains the temperature from top to bottom. 

The refrigerator works on Digital Inverter Technology that ensures reliable operation. The Inverter Compressor helps in energy-efficient performance as well as noiseless operation. 

The Smart Connect Inverter function ensures an uninterrupted operation during the power cuts. You can enjoy the cool and fresh food even if there is no electricity.

Moist Fresh Zone regulates the moisture level. It maintains the optimal humidity to ensure that the food remains fresh and last longer. 

Ice Maker Mover, you can easily move the ice maker. It is easy to use the freezer space flexibly with a movable ice maker.    


✔️ Less noise operation
✔️ More durable model
✔️ 1 years warranty on product 
✔️ 10 years warranty on compressor
✔️ Toughened glass shelves
✔️ Highly efficient LED lightning 


Some issues with after-sale service.

8. LG 420 l Double Door Inverter Refrigerator (GL- 1472 QPLX) 

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

Key Features :

  1. Double Door Frost Free Inverter Refrigerator.
  2. Energy rating 3 Star.
  3. No. of shelves 3.
  4. Top LED lighting.
  5. Energy-efficient durable model.
  6. Feature of door lock. 

The LG refrigerator comes with Smart Inverter Compressor. It delivers excellent performance and unmatched savings. Due to Inverter Technology, the durability increases as well as perfom super silently.

The LG Smart Diagnosis easily fixes the troubleshoot issues. Simply call the LG customer service and place the phone on the appliance. The appliance will communicate with a computer that produces a diagnosis within seconds and provides an immediate solution.

The Auto Smart Connect Technology automatically connects the refrigerator to your home inverter whenever the power goes off. This helps in uninterrupted service. You can enjoy the cold and chilled water even if there is no electricity.

A special Lattice Pattern vegetable box (Moist Balance Crisper) prevents excess moisture from forming while retaining the right amount of moisture to increase freshness. 

The box maintains an optimal level of moisture inside the refrigerator to increase freshness.


✔️ Ice Beam Door Cool, maintains uniform cooling
✔️ Smart Diagnosis automatically fixes issues 
✔️ 1-year warranty on product 
✔️ 10 years warranty on the compressor


No cons at all

9. Haier 258 L Double Door Inverter Refrigerator (HEF-25TDS)

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India

Key Features :

  1. Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator.
  2. 5 in 1 Convertible Mode.
  3. Twin Inverter Compressor.
  4. Door Lock System.
  5. Stabilizer Free Operation within 135 V to 290 V.
  6. 3 Spacious Toughened Glass Shelves.  

The Top Mount Double Door Refrigerator presents a sleek and aesthetic design. The elegant color and lavish look makes it more attractive.

The 5 - in - 1 convertible mode allows you to organize and store food items conveniently. The 5 modes are designed to meet your different needs in different seasons.

Haier's Twin Inverter Technology is a new generation for inverter compressors for refrigerators.  This technology ensures that the compressor and fan can run at different speeds according to the load capacity. It makes it cost-effective as well as energy-efficient. This proves it to be an economical refrigerator.


✔️ Bigger Vegetable Box
✔️ Anti-fungal gasket
✔️ Capacity of 258 L
✔️ 1-year warranty on product
✔️ 10 years warranty on the compressor 
✔️ Easy Sliding Shelf


Some issues with customer service

10. LG 260 L Double Door Inverter Refrigerator(GL-T29RSPN)

LG 260 L Double Door Inverter Refrigerator

Key Features :

  1. Double Door Frost Free Inverter Refrigerator.
  2. Auto defrost prevents ice-build up.
  3. 260 L volume is suitable for 2-3 member families.
  4. Inverter Linear Compressor.
  5. Energy-efficient as well as noiseless operation.
  6. Door lock system.
  7. Works without a stabilizer.
  8. Smart Diagnosis

This model of LG Refrigerator works on Inverter Linear Compressor that delivers precise cooling within 0.5 degrees Celcius. It also saves up to 50% of electricity, reduces noise by 25%, and increases the life span or the fridge. 

LG Door Cooling + cools the fridge 35% faster than a normal refrigerator as wells as make even temperature inside. This feature helps to provide airflow to the front part of the fridge. It improves the cooling in the door area and reduces the temperature gap between the inner part and the door side. Thus, letting the food remain fresh for long.  

Moreover, there is an advanced revolutionary feature that converts the freezer into the fridge. This ensures that you never lack space and enjoy the increased storage capacity. In just one click you can convert the freezer into the fridge.

Auto Smart Connect automatically connects the refrigerator to the home inverter. Whenever there is a power cut it will automatically connect and delivers the cooling. There is a special lattice vegetable box that prevents excess of moisture. It maintains the right amount of moisture for long-lasting freshness.


✔️ Comprehensive warranty of 1 year
✔️ The warranty on the compressor is 10 years
✔️ Energy rating 3 Star
✔️ Large bottle (2 L) storage
✔️ Toughened glass shelves


Poor customer service

I hope, this article on Best Double Door Refrigerator in India was helpful. 

If you have any queries then, please comment below.

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